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Italy is known for its artisan craftsmanship in leather goods and the luxury brand, Gucci, was one of the first to marry Italy's leather tradition with high fashion. The House of Gucci has been making high quality and fashionable leather goods for more than 100 years.


Gucci is synonymous with style and class and was one of the first brands to bring Italian elegance and Made in Italy products to global recognition. The brand was created in 1921, inspired by the elegance of English nobility and combined with the craftsmanship of fine Italian leather artisans. The first shop in Florence, Italy specialized in leather luggage, saddles and riding gear. Throughout the decades the company expanded into men's and women's ready-to-wear.

Gucci Logo

The Gucci logo is an internationally recognized symbol of luxury and style. The company's beginnings in riding gear gave it its first logo, the signature horse bit icon. In the 1950s another signature logo was introduced, the red and green stripes, again taking inspiration from riding gear. The double G from the creator's name Guccio Gucci came about in the 1960s to represent the quality associated with the brand's creator. The interlocking Gs were the first Guccissima print that was added to fabric, accessory hardware and shoes.

Guccissima Leather

Guccissima in Italian literally means the most Gucci. The suffix -issima in Italian is a superlative much like -est in English. The phrase is akin to saying something like "So Gucci!" Guccissima leather is in fact so Gucci with embossed Gs connected in a diamond pattern; it would be hard to mistake the pattern for another brand. The Guccissima print was introduced on leather by the former head accessories designer, Frida Giannini who became creative director of the brand in 2006 .


Guccissima leather is used exclusively in the accessories line. The leather is present in both women's and men's accessory lines. Unisex items include card cases, pen cases, dog collars, iPhone cases, Blackberry cases, money clips, coin purses and key chains. The women's accessory line has purses, wallets, headbands, watches and shoes in Guccissima leather. The men's accessory line includes bags, wallets, backpacks, briefcases, belt bags and shoes and in the leather.