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Gucci is an upscale lifestyle line manufactured in Italy. Guccio Gucci founded the brand back in 1921 and his legacy lives on through his initials; the famous signature monogram double G pattern. Gucci is known for its expensive and well-made handbags and shoes, but also produces men's and women's clothing.

Attention to Detail

Examine the signature monogram pattern of the double letter G. On fake clothing, a printed or monogrammed double G design on a pocket or lapel will look like C's or the G's will be backwards. If the brand name is spelled out in its entirety, make sure Gucci is spelled correctly. Misspellings reaffirm that the garment is a fake.

Look at the stitching of the label inside the clothing. It must note that the garment was made in Italy, or the item is a fake. Countries that are known to mass produce counterfeit or replica goods are China and Korea. Also note the quality of the stitching. Gucci is known for high quality production. Make sure all stitching is even throughout the piece, without holes or tears in the seams.

Compare the price tag. Gucci clothing sells for hundreds of dollars. For example, a pair of pants could start around $300. A brand new Gucci shirt selling for $10 or $20 is fake or quite possibly stolen. Buying goods that have been stolen is illegal.

Purchase Gucci clothing at a reputable retailer. High-end department stores, actual Gucci stores or the Gucci website would be the safest place to purchase clothing and know that it is authentic. Purchasing Gucci clothing from street vendors, flea markets or unlicensed websites put you at high risk for finding fakes.


Avoid international auction websites like eBay which cannot guarantee authenticity, and the buyer is unable to examine the product before purchase.