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Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel opened her first store in Paris in 1913, selling hats and clothes. The design label enjoyed success, and after World War I, was widely considered a status symbol. After her death in 1971, several employees continued Chanel designs until the business was taken over by designer Karl Lagerfeld in 1983. Chanel continues to have retail stores around the world, and ownership of Chanel items is still considered a status symbol. There are many Chanel replicas available, including watches, but a few tricks can help determine an authentic Chanel watch.

Deal with authorized Chanel retail stores to ensure authenticity. Chanel does not resell to any other stores or websites, so any seller claiming to be an “authorized” reseller or discounter of Chanel watches is not legitimate. In addition, Chanel watches retail for around $4,000 and up. If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Look for a hologram that is included with the materials accompanying the watch. The hologram matches a hologram on the “Certificate of Authenticity” and comes apart if you try to peel it off. If the watch you are purchasing does not have a certificate of authenticity or two holograms in the materials, it is probably a fake.

Examine the watch material and the band. There should be no scratches and the watch face should be sapphire crystal. Counterfeit watches often have a rivet on each link on the band. However, Chanel watches only have rivets on the links next to the clasp. If there are rivets on each link, the product is likely unauthentic.

View the watch closely. If the detailing is messy, the material seems cheap or the Chanel logo is off-centered or not crisp-looking, the product is likely fake. Chanel watches have some weight to them when you hold them, especially the metal ones, due to the high-quality material with which they are made.

Look at the date on the watch. Chanel watches only have dates in a vertical position on the watch face. If it is horizontal, it is probably not an authentic Chanel watch.


If you still have doubts about the authenticity of a Chanel watch, then take it to a Chanel retailer for assistance.