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Peep toe shoes are popular, stylish, and can be office appropriate or sexy, depending upon the shoe and how you wear it. Some peep toes can even be worn year-round, though there are some general guidelines that can help your shoes look appropriate to the occasion and your outfit. Peep toes are available in flats, wedges, chunky heels and stilettos and can work for both young women and older women, with the right styling.

Peep Toes All Year Round

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While you may think of peep toe shoes as suitable for summer wear with bare legs, the fashion magazines have offered an alternative. Wear your peep toe shoes with opaque tights through the winter. Keep in mind that the fabric and color should be appropriate for the season. Patent leather, leather and sturdy fabrics are fairly seasonless. You can wear your dark peep toes with a matching pair of tights or play up the contrast with brightly colored tights. If you have a bold pair of red, blue or yellow peep toes, let these be the pop of color in a dark, neutral outfit for fall and winter. If you are wearing your peep toes bare legged, be sure that your toenails are nicely maintained with a clear or colored polish.

Evening Wear

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Peep toes are an ideal choice for an evening out. They offer some amount of foot coverage and can be more stable than a strappy sandal, but still sexy. Wear a heel as high as you are comfortable in for a sexy look on a night out. Keep in mind that peep toes and a formal dress will require bare legs, so some self tanner may be in order. If you are looking for more coverage, consider fishnet or lace hosiery with your peep toes. For a more playful evening look, wear a great little black dress, black tights with seams and bright peep toes. Match your bag and accessories to your shoes.

Casual Peep Toes

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While traditionally peep toes are pumps or stilletos, you can find a variety of adorable casual peep toe flats or wedges. Some even look like sneakers. These are a cute accent for jeans, leggings or khakis. Leather peep toe flats or wedges may even work for casual wear or the office depending upon the style. Choose flat peep toes with shorter skirts or leggings and a higher wedge for jeans or pants. Knee-length skirts work very well with casual and cute wedge peep toes.

Peep Toes at Work

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Peep toe shoes will work with many office dress codes, but you should check yours to be sure. In a conservative office, choose a medium height heel and a somewhat more modest peep toe. Keep in mind that if your shoes are a bit sexier, a slightly more conservative outfit may be in order. You can also opt to wear dark peep toes with dark tights for the office or match your peep toes to a brighter blouse or sweater. Wear peep toes at work with skirts, dresses or pants.


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