There's nothing quite as sexy as a strappy sandal -- providing, of course, that the foot inside is attractive to look at and the shoes are being worn in the appropriate weather and with the appropriate attire. If you are ready to unveil your bare feet and slip into something a little more revealing for the summer, here are a few fashion rules you will want to follow.

Have a Pedicure


Be sure your toes look their prettiest before slipping into your sexy sandals. Get a pedicure to remove any rough skin and moisturize your heels; and have your toenails painted with a glossy, bright, summer pink, peach or red color. If you have open blisters or visible bunions, do everyone a favor and keep your feet covered until they have healed!

No Pantyhose, Please


Wear open-toed shoes without stockings or tights, unless the stockings are opaque with a fun pattern. For the most part, it is considered a fashion faux pas to wear pantyhose with open-toed shoes, but recent fashion allows for zany or fun print tights to be worn with "peep-through" shoes. If you do wear tights with your open-toed shoes, be certain they don't have runs, unsightly snags or holes in the toes.

Make Sure Your Legs Look Good

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Shave your legs before you wear attention-grabbing, open-toed shoes. Since your feet will be on display, you want to make sure that the attention you receive by sharing your brightly painted toes with the world remains positive when onlookers' eyes naturally wander upward. There's nothing quite as unappealing as hairy legs on an otherwise beautiful woman, and since you have already gone through the effort of a pedicure, there is no excuse for laziness when it comes to shaving your legs.

Be Weather Concious

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Dress in open-toed shoes whenever you feel comfortable wearing them. Though it used to be considered unfashionable to wear open-toed shoes in the fall and winter, shows like Sex in the City changed all of that, and now women wear strappy high-heeled sandals even with formal attire despite the season. Use common sense, though, and don't wear sandals in the snow or heavy rain.

Office Etiquette


Check your company's dress code before wearing open-toed shoes to the office. Some companies do not allow them, and some have rules about the amount of toe that can be visible or the type of open-toed shoe that is acceptable. Many companies do not allow flip-flops but have no problem with high-heeled sandals or "peep-through" type shoes. If you are uncertain about the fine print in your company manual, ask a coworker or supervisor.