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Feet slipping inside shoes can be irritating, and even dangerous if it causes you to trip. The problem of slipping feet can occur because your shoes are ill-fitting or badly made, or even just because your feet are sweaty. Although many solutions are available in shoe stores to alleviate this problem, you may want to avoid paying for these. Instead, you can use materials found at home or choose shoes specifically to avoid slipping problems.

Proper Fit

One remedy for slipping shoes involves simply going to the shoe store equipped with the knowledge needed to get footwear that’s right for you. If the store has a measuring device, use it when making a decision. Also use your thumb to measure the distance from the tip of your longest toe to the front of the shoe. If this distance is more than a thumb's width either way, the shoes may be too big.

Baby Powder

Baby powder is a useful to fight slipping shoes. Try shaking some onto your feet before putting on your shoes. This will help if your feet are sweating and causing your footwear to move around frequently. Placing some powder inside the shoe can also help, as this will remove excess moisture.

Changing Styles

If you put on a pair of shoes and notice slipping, try another pair. If open-toed shoes are causing the problem, changing to peep-toed footwear may help. With less room available, your feet shouldn't slide forward as much. Alternatively, you could try a style with ankle straps, as these will help hold your shoes in place.

Toes and Tea

Sweaty feet may be causing the problem. If this is the case, try an antiperspirant, which you can create at home, using tea. Boil about five teabags in water. When the tea is cool enough, place your feet in it for 10 to 15 minutes. Tea contains tannic acid, which works as a natural antiperspirant.