Happy vacation by the beach
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A beach date can be a lot of fun, but also a tiny bit stressful since your paramour is going to see you with very little clothing on. Think of this as an opportunity to showcase your personality through your clothes and don't be shy of mixing and matching. Combine multi-colored coverups, dresses, beach accessories and swimsuits for a final look that's sure to make a splash.

Shorts and Suits

If you’re body conscious, you can wear a one-piece bathing suit or tankini with shorts, a big hat, beach bag and wedges. The one-piece suit will help hide any imperfections, and the shorts paired up with wedges will make your legs look longer. If you want to be more comfortable, sandals or cute flip flops are the way to go. Complete your look with your favorite sunglasses and bangles.

Dress and Bikini

Add a dress to your beachwear to score a more feminine ensemble. Rock a maxi dress with a bikini and t-strap sandals for a look that can go to from the beach to a casual lunch. If your dress has stripes or a bold pattern, wear a solid color bikini underneath. A cute fedora and minimal accessories makes you look date-ready and put together. Style the same dress with nicer accessories -- think a nice bag and pumps -- for dinner after the beach.

Classic Coverup

Wearing a coverup is the perfect way to feel more comfortable with your date at the beach. It gives you coverage in the areas you’re self-conscious about, but the sheer fabric will still show off a bit of your skin and curves. Coverups come in many colors and styles; find one that flatters you and complements the colors in your swimwear. You can combine your coverup with a printed bikini, big sunglasses, flip flops and a colorful tote for a classic beach look.

Men’s Beach Wear

Wear a simple t-shirt or tank top that matches the color of your swimming trunks with flip flops, a baseball cap and sunglasses. If you want to take your date out to eat after the beach, be sure to pack a second look. Bring a cotton dress shirt that you can wear over your t-shirt; pair it with cargo shorts and boat shoes -- sans socks -- or stick with flip flops if the restaurant is casual.