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So you've decided to head downtown to a lounge. Remember, depending on where you're going, there will probably be a dress code. Some people dress up; some don't. If there's something special in the closet that hasn't made an appearance yet, this would be the time and place to wear it.

Whether you're heading to a dark cavernous lounge to enjoy drinks with colleagues or you're just opting for good times and well-crafted drinks, most likely you will see a mix of attire.


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Some patrons will arrive straight from work in their professional attire, while others will come in a little later, having changed into something more trendy and club-worthy.

The best place to start looking for this type of attire is the closet. Remember to look for items that are chic, sleek, and fashionable.

For inspiration on outfits, browse through magazines. Once you've got some ideas, run to the closet and try mixing and matching.


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Stay away from colors that don't complement skin tone, hair color or other natural characteristics. Take the seasons into account and stay mindful of your overall goal for the outfit.


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Guys who wear trendier clothing probably won't have to wait behind the velvet rope for long. If you're going for trendy, go for a graphic thermal. However, if a martini bar is on your to-do list, avoid wearing a hooded garment.

If in doubt, focus on the key items. An eye-catching collared shirt is always appropriate. Try to go for something that shows class, something that's fun, yet casual enough to make you approachable.

For pants, denim is one of the most common materials seen in a lounge-type atmosphere. Be sure to choose pants that complement your shirt. For example, if your top is a lighter color, try not to wear dark denim.


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Models with their unkempt hair and runway looks can make anything look fashionable. You can pull this look off too, and with any budget.

There are any number of outfits that are lounge-appropriate. Go for loose silhouettes complemented with with some heavy accessories, and you will fit right in.

Mix a simple, light T-shirt tunic with leggings, or wear a breezy top with a pair of torn-up jeans, for a casual-yet-put-together look.


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Footwear is essential. It must look stunning, but it also needs to be practical enough to allow you to move around the venue. Studded and strappy sandals can be worn with mini-dresses.

As for bags, go for something that's small, like a clutch. It helps to have less to worry about when mingling.