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Eye primer makeup (sometimes called eyeshadow primer) glides onto your eyelid to not only ensure that your eyeshadow stays on all day, but looks fantastic on you. You can find eye primer in most cosmetic and drug stores. Alternatively, you can use liquid foundation instead of eye primer to achieve almost that same kind of look.

Identifying Eye Primer

Eye primer makeup usually comes in a gel-like form that you can put on your eyelid before applying eyeshadow. It ensures that the shadow will stay on your lids and look the way it was meant to look on your skin. It also prevents eyeshadow from creasing on your lids.

Buying the Correct Eye Primer For You

Everyone has different skin: oily, dry, chaffed, wrinkled. Make your eye primer selection based on your type of skin and budget. Brands to take a look at include Urban Decay, Amazing Cosmetics, Ulta and L'Oreal. Check the descriptions under each product and match it to your budget to choose the right primer for you.

Applying Eye Primer

Squeeze a tiny bit of eye primer makeup directly onto your eyelid carefully. Use your finger or the wand, if it comes with one, to smooth it out onto your entire eyelid. Remember that a little goes a long way. Let it dry for a minute to a minute and one-half. Apply eyeshadow as you normally would and see the difference.

Using an Alternative to Eye Primer

If eye primer isn't in your budget, an alternative to it is a good liquid foundation. Liquid foundation helps to capture eyeshadow color on your eyelids and also helps the shadow from creasing. Apply it as you would the eye primer; being sure to wait about one minute before applying the eyeshadow over-top.

Misconceptions about Eye Primer

Eye primer does not help you get rid of eye wrinkles in any way nor does it change the color of your eyelids; it only changes the way eyeshadow looks on your eyelids, not the way your eyelids themselves look. Eye primer is also not meant to be used underneath the eyelids, for it is not a "depuff" or "lighten" makeup.

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