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Whether it's on your face or on your body, a scar can sometimes make you feel self-conscious. But that doesn't mean you can't fake flawless skin for a special event -- or every day. With makeup, you can easily hide a scar. All it takes is the right products and proper techniques.

Prime Time

Scars often have a different texture from the rest of your skin, which makes them stand out. Foundation and concealer can hide redness and other hyper-pigmentation associated with scarring, but they can’t do anything to conceal uneven texture. To help smooth a scarred area, start with a foundation primer. Choose a silicone-based formula that can fill in the scar so your skin’s texture appears more even. For the most effective application, pat a small amount of the primer over the scar.

Color Correct

Before applying foundation and concealer, start with a color corrector. These products are similar to concealers in texture and consistency, but they come in shades such as green, yellow and lavender. These tints help counteract skin discolorations based on the color wheel. If your scar is red, choose a green corrector, because green and red are opposite one another on the color wheel. For a scar that has purple or blue undertones, opt for a yellow corrector. If your scar features yellow bruising, use a lavender corrector. Just pat the corrector over the scar with your finger to carefully work it into the skin.

Blend In

Cover color corrector with the right concealer. A thick, creamy formula typically works best to conceal scarring and smooth the texture. To make sure your concealer stay in place no matter how hot or damp the weather, choose a water-resistant formula. Use your finger to carefully pat the concealer in place. If you’re dealing with a very small scar, use a brush for more precision.

Set It

Set your concealer with a translucent powder to lock it in place. Powder is lightweight and adds no additional color to the spot. Choose a loose, or apply pressed powder for better coverage. Use a fluffy brush to gently tap the powder over the scar so you don’t disturb the corrector and concealer that you’ve already applied.