Set of make-up  foundations products, different shades and textures.

Birthmarks are harmless irregularities in skin color that appear on the body within a month after being born. They range from flat and light colored to darker hued moles, and while many people find them beautiful, you may not be so keen on yours. If you want minimize or hide the appearance of your birthmark, it easy to do with everyday cosmetics found in most makeup aisles.

Step 1: Color Corrector

Choose a color-correcting concealer or primer that neutralizes the color of your birthmark. Use a green concealer on reddish marks, a yellow concealer on purple or blue marks, and a purple or lavender concealer on brown or tan marks.

With your finger, dab a tiny amount of concealer onto your birthmark with a small brush and blend it in small circles.

Step 2: Concealer

Select a concealer cream or paste that matches your skin tone as closely as possible. Dab it onto the birthmark with a concealer brush. Blend the edges with a latex sponge to make it match the rest of your skin, then pat on translucent powder again. If the birthmark is still too noticeable, apply another layer of concealer and powder. Continue layering makeup until the mark is hidden. Many birthmarks require at least two or three layers.

Step 3: Contouring

Some hemangiomas or port wine stains are raised, and will still be noticeable even after the color matches the rest of the skin.

Dab a light concealer color into the recessed parts of the birthmark, and a dark concealer onto the raised parts, to create the illusion of flat skin. Blend with a latex sponge and pat with translucent powder to set.


If the application is too perfect, the area will stand out from the rest of the face. Skin often has visible veins and freckles, but this area won't. Make sure the rest of your face has some coverage -- not just bare skin.