Make up brushes on colorful background

Concealer is a form of makeup that is typically applied to hide blemishes and give the wearer the appearance of a more even skin tone. White concealer can be used to hide any redness or yellowing of the skin and to reduce the appearance of dark circles beneath the eyes. Although many colors of concealer, such as green and lavender, exist to be used for specific skin tone issues, white concealer is the standard "cover-all" to be used for any shade of skin discoloration.

Wash your hands to prevent transferring oils from your fingers to your face.

Moisturize your face to help the concealer adhere better to your skin.

Place a small amount of white concealer on your finger.

Apply the concealer to any trouble spots by dabbing those spots lightly with your finger. Apply the white concealer thinly so it hides discoloration rather than stands out.

Use a makeup wedge or your finger to blend the edges of the concealer into your skin. Blended concealer is less noticeable---especially if you do not use foundation.

Reapply small amounts of concealer to any blemishes that continue to stand out. Concealer works best when applied in layers.

Apply foundation or powder. White concealer will stand out on your face without being covered up by makeup that matches your skin tone.


  • Always test concealer on your face rather than on your hand.

  • White concealer can be used to minimize wrinkles as well as hide blemishes. Apply it sparingly in areas such as the corners of your eyes and mouth, where you may develop fine lines.