Brushes with cosmetics scattered chaotically

A fuller face is a sign of youth and innocence. Older women go to cosmetic surgeries to enhance the fats in their face to look more full of youth. Thinner faces may be undesirable to some, and so they seek ways to even out their face. With the right cosmetic approach, you can master the art of a fuller face.

Even Foundation Application

Achieving a full face will require even foundation coverage. It gives the appearance of a clean, youthful face and skin. Pick a color that is the perfect shade to match your natural skin color. The foundation should disappear when swatch tested against your skin. You should always swatch test a new foundation. To swatch test, simply apply a stripe of the foundation color to your jaw line and compare the color to your skin.

Use Blush to Widen Your Face

Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and gently blend out. This will prevent a clownish look. Choose a color that is a bit brighter, as darker plum shades will thin out the face. An apple red or pink blush works best for widening a face. A pearlized blush is your best bet; they come in cream and powder form. The same application technique for the powder blush applies for the cream blushes.

Avoid Dark Eye Shadows

Dark colors are very slimming. Use lighter base shadows to make your eyes appear wider and more open. You should also try curling your eyelashes to open up the eyes and make them stand out. That will instantly widen the face and draw focus to the widest points.