How to Hide Under-Eye Hollows With Makeup

By Eilla Kat

According to Ageless Beauty, people can develop eye hollows under their eyes from an exaggerated fat loss in the area as their skin thins with age. This causes both a hollowed-out look under the eyes and dark circles from the underlying blood vessels that show through the thinned skin. Fortunately, there are ways to diminish the appearance of hollowed eyes without cosmetic surgery. With the proper makeup and makeup tools, you can hide those eye hollows, making you look years younger.

Diminish the appearance of eye hollows with the application of proper makeup.

Step 1

Apply your foundation as you normally would, blending it well along your nose, forehead, cheek and jaw bones.

Step 2

Apply a yellow-based concealer with a delicate makeup brush over the eye hollows. Do not glob the concealer, but rather spread a thin layer to lightly cover the affected area.

Step 3

Apply blush with a blush brush starting from the corner of your eye, sweeping down toward your nostrils.

Step 4

Apply a highlighter a few shades lighter than the blush directly to your eye hollows.