how to apply mac prep + prime skin base

MAC Cosmetics' feature bright and vibrant products---such as lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushes. The company also sells primers, which helps makeup last longer and appear even more vivid on your skin. One of the primers MAC offers is the Prep + Prime Skin Base. Try using Prep + Prime prior to foundation application to help your base blend more smoothly on your skin. Whether you need a primer with sun protection for the daytime or a regular primer for nighttime outings, there is a Prep + Prime you can use.

Dot and blend an oil-free moisturizer onto a clean face. Remove excess product that hasn't absorbed into your skin by pressing a facial tissue all over your skin after about 5 minutes. Even if you are using a face primer, moisturizer is still essential to the process of prepping your face for makeup, as it eliminates any dry patches that will appear unattractive under your foundation.

Shake your container of MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base before squirting a pinch of product onto your palm. You don't need more than this amount, as Prep + Prime is silky and will glide effortlessly over your skin. Apply this to the center of your face, blending outward. If neither your moisturizer nor foundation offers sun protection and you frequently step out in the daytime, invest in the MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base with SPF 50, as opposed to the regular formula.

Wait around 5 minutes before putting on your foundation, concealer and the rest of your makeup as usual. This will give the Prep + Prime time to absorb into your skin. You may find that you no longer need to retouch as frequently throughout the day; nevertheless, pack oil-absorbing sheets in your purse or bag. Prior to dusting powder on your face, use these sheets to lift away any oils that build up on your skin.


Avoid powdering over facial oils, as this will give you a cakey-looking complexion.