What Color Shoe To Wear With a Coral Dress

Many different colors of shoes pair well with coral dresses, but taking into account the style and hue of the dress will help make your entire ensemble look that much better. Combine that knowledge with the correct style of shoe, and you'll have a look that is an instant winner.

Coral Hues

Not all coral is created equal, as the hue plays a large role in the overall look of the dress. Some hues to consider include:

  • Orange: Some dresses labeled coral actually have a true orange undertone to them. You'll notice this undertone by the boldness of the color and its general energetic feel.
  • Peach coral: Peach-coral styles are pale and delicate. The hallmark of this shade is in its romantic, soft quality.
  • Salmon: Salmon shades of coral are at once bold, yet highly feminine and soft. These shades enhance the more seductive nature of the body, but in a understated way.
  • Hot coral: This shade combines all of the characteristics listed above, save for the romantic, delicate quality. Hot coral evokes a seductive, powerful, and energetic vibration. 

Styles of Shoes

The great news is that no matter what the color of your dress, you'll find a shoe style and color to fit. First up , styles of shoes. Here, you're looking at:

  • Strappy sandals
  • Flat sandals
  • Stacked heels
  • Pumps

Create the Perfect Palette

When dealing with the color of the shoe, reach for shades of :


This is a great color with coral because it conveys a certain sense of majesty to your look. It gives the appearance of floating on air. If you need to look stately and regal, step into a pair of strappy, gold heels.


Nudes are the earthy cousin of gold. Beige and tan give a similar feeling of the regal-ness of the color gold, but with a more sultry Venusian bent. If you want to keep your look grounded, opt for nude pumps.

True Yellow

Ah, sunny yellow! Yellow brings a smile to just about everyone's face. This is a good color to reach for if you want an instant pick me up, or want to pump up the energy of the room.


Commanding and bold, red says you are ready to get your flirt on. Overtly strong, sexy and commanding, red focuses all eyes on you. Choose this color when you want to stand out, or if you are tired of blending in.

Navy Blue

Blue and coral combine perfectly if you want to be flirty, yet serious. Coral is a feminine color, but navy blue will ground your look in a certain seriousness. This proves especially true with a substantial heel.


Black is always grounding, and can come on strong. Wear this color shoe to convey authority, and leadership. This is a good choice if you are wearing your coral dress to a work function.


White, similar to black, goes with everything. However, consider pairing your dress with this color if you are attending a function that is associated with purity, for example, a christening, bat mitzvah or another religious function. Additionally, this color combo works well for fundraising events.


Purple and coral work well to give off a fun, party vibe. Be careful with what shade of purple you choose; stick with true and royal purple. Lavender shades and the like might appear anemic and odd.

Style of Dress

Along with hue, the style of the dress also impacts what kind of shoe you'll wear. Some of the styles can include:

  • Soft and floaty: Think feminine and graceful, as if walking on a cloud. This category also includes maxi dresses. Floaty dresses look best with either strappy heels or flats. Stay away from stacked heels, since they'll look clunky.

  • Structured and form fitting: These dresses skim the body, and are form fitting without feeling tight. Conveying a certain amount of power to the wearer, this style feels almost business-like in nature. These styles can handle a more substantial shoe like pumps and stacked heels.

  • Short and flirty: This is a young, party look. The vibration of this style is celebratory and youthful.

    You'll want a delicate heel here as well since you'll want to keep the flirty atmosphere of the dress. Think stilettos and the like. You can tone the flirtatiousness of the dress down by pairing the look with kitten heels.

    A Note on Accessories

    Regardless of the hue of the dress, and the style of the shoe, you'll want to keep an eye on your accessories as well. When it comes to choosing colors and styles, keep your jewelry in the same family of your shoes. This doesn't mean that you have to play the matchy-matchy game, but, your accessories should be within the same color and weight family as your shoes.