What Are Threader Earrings?

By Allie Gore

Threader earrings, also called threads or ear strings are a style of earrings which feature a chain or "thread" that goes through the ear piercing. These simple yet innovative earrings have become popular due to their versatility and their elegant look. A good accessory and a fresh fashion statement, threader earrings are especially popular among young people.


Threader earrings are typically composed of a length of thin chain (about 4 inches), a metal bar called a lead, and a gem or charm on the other end. The lead allows the wearer to easily insert the chain into the ear, while the gem or charm dangles on the other side. Threader earrings intended for wearers with multiple piercings sometimes have several charms at various points along the chain.


The materials used in threader earrings can vary greatly depending on the style and cost. The chain itself is often made of sterling silver, gold or white gold. Although some threader earrings are plain, most have a charm or or gemstone attached to the end. This charm may be made of gold or silver but will usually feature a sparkly gemstone or crystal of some sort. Higher end threader earrings may incorporate diamonds or other precious stones.


Because threader earrings don't have a back closure, they are easy to wear. The wearer does not need to be worried about losing the back and having the earrings fall out. These earrings are versatile and can transition easily from casual to elegant, making them a great go-to accessory for both day and evening looks. The design of the earrings also makes them fairly light, not weighing down the earlobe or misshaping the hole.


As with most long, dangling earrings, tangling and catching on clothes may become a problem. Those with long hair may find that threader earrings can get intertwined with the hair and be potentially painful to untangle. Long threader earrings that sweep the shoulders can also get caught on clothing. If the charm or gem at the end of the threader earring is too heavy, the chain can gradually slip through the piercing and potentially fall out. Most threader earrings, however, keep this in mind and feature very light stones or charms.