Ways to Decorate Headbands

By Tamara Rutter

You want Gossip Girl worthy headbands without the inflated prices. Not to worry, there are endless styling techniques for DIY headband design. Whether you want to be on trend with a hippie style headband or make a statement with a fancy feathered clip-band, decorating your own is a snap and can be a fun activity to do with friends.

Hair Accesories

Decorating a plain headband is a stylish way to glam up a simple hairstyle. As opposed to a store-bought headband, it will be perfectly fitted to your crown and can be tailored to match a specific outfit. Go to a fabric store and explore the variety of materials and fabrics available. The clearance bin will often have little treasures like exotic-looking feathers or colorful jewels. These are perfect for pulling off a flirty floral or feather clip. Simply glue the feather to any standard clip you have around. This style is worn on the side of your hair. For an extra pop, add jewels.

For an instant update, simply glue one end of satin or ribbon to a thin plastic headband and wrap fully, gluing the other end to set the look. Beautify the style with glitter. Just dab fabric glue in the areas on the band you want the glitter to grab on to and apply. Spray adhesive works better if you want to apply glitter to the entire headband.

Bohemian-Style Headbands

Bohemian-style hair accessories are popular and are another interesting way to dress up an outfit. The style calls for a small piece of elastic, sized to your head, and an applique of your choosing. Artistic-looking cloth or felt-adorned pieces are trendy. Just sew the applique through both ends of the elastic and you're done. You can wear it over the crown of your head for a classic bohemian look or on the forehead with a side part to channel your inner flapper.

Decorating with vintage finds is also a sure way to liven up your hair accessories. Bring back the 1950s and '60s with festive fabrics and textures. Start with a fitted plastic headband and wrap with silk cloth or ribbon. For a more sophisticated look, you can embellish with crystal beads, turning a simple headband into jewelry for your hair.