Candies in jar

Hard candy comes in a variety of forms, from mints and peanut brittle to lollipops and fruit-flavored candies. Regardless of the flavor or type of hard candy, it should be properly stored. Improper storage can cause the candy to absorb moisture from the air, leading to stickiness. Exposing your hard candy to high temperatures during storage can even cause it to melt. With good care, you can keep your hard candy good for up to a year.

Place the hard candy into an airtight container. You can mix different types of hard candy within this container, but do not include moist or chewy candies. They will add too much moisture to the container, defeating the purpose of using an airtight container in the first place.

Sprinkle the granulated sugar over the candies if they do not have wrappers. The sugar will help absorb moisture in the container's remaining air, keeping your candies hard and fresh. Seal the container tightly.

Store the sealed airtight container of hard candy in a dry, dark place that stays at room temperature or slightly below. Do not store the container in direct sunlight or in an area that gets hot.


Leave the candies in their original wrappers if possible.

Consume your hard candy within a year.