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Candy Melts are used to make molded decorations, coat homemade candies and make lollipops. These easy-to-use baking treats are available in a variety of colors and flavors. The end result should be a crisp and glossy candy finish, whether you are creating a candy melt coating or molded candy melts. Keep the shine on candy melts by handling them properly, from the initial melting to the cooling phase.

Wash all utensils you will be using with your Candy Melts and dry thoroughly. Any moisture will discolor and dull the candy.

Melt the Candy Melts in a double boiler, microwave oven or slow cooker. Use a defrost setting on your microwave to easily and conveniently melt the Candy Melts or opt for a double boiler or slow cooker to handle larger amounts.

Add up to 2 teaspoons of solid vegetable shortening per 14 ounces of candy coating if necessary to thin the melted Candy Melts. Try this when you are coating truffles or candies. It is not necessary if you are pouring candies with your flavored melts.

Color your Candy Melts with an oil-based food coloring to keep the shine. Add oil-based candy flavorings, available in the cake-decorating aisle at your craft store, if you would like to add a touch of peppermint or fruit flavor while still keeping the melts glossy.

Dip or pour your Candy Melts or candy coating. Place the finished candies in the refrigerator to cool, then remove from the molds and store your homemade candies as desired.