By Zora Hughes

Candy apples are a sweet treat that are widely available in the fall when apples are in season. Candy apples are apples on a stick dipped in a red corn-syrup candy mix. Sometimes chopped nuts and other toppings are added over the candy syrup. Once dipped, candied apples need to chill in the refrigerator to harden the candy. You can then enjoy the apples yourselves, or save some for later, or to give to friends. Candy apples need to be stored properly in order for them to remain fresh for as long as possible.

Candy apples are commonly confused with caramel apples.

Step 1

Place wax paper into the bottom of a large, tall plastic container. The container should be large and tall enough to hold a few candy apples with their stick handles in a single layer .

Step 2

Carefully place the candy apples into the container, keeping them spaced apart.

Step 3

Seal the container tightly with the lid and place the container in a cool, dry place. The candy apples will stay fresh for up to three days.