The Best Jeans to Hide a Tummy

By Reese Armstrong

If you have an apple-shaped body type, a tummy-slimming pair of jeans will help to even out your proportions and hide a larger midsection. Low-waisted jeans, skinny jeans, and jeans with bulky front pockets, however, will draw attention to a larger tummy and should be avoided when shopping for jeans.

Choose a pair of jeans that are slimming and comfortable.

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Get-Lean Jeans

Look for jeans with a waist that hits you right across your belly. The mid-waist jean will flatten your tummy and help hide any problems there. Jeans that are too low will draw more attention to the tummy area, which you are trying to hide. Jeans that have a high waist will not suck in the tummy area, like a mid-waist jean does.

Brilliant Boot-Cuts

A boot cut or wide leg pair of jeans is the best style to hide any tummy issues. What these two styles of jeans do is to help elongate the legs and balance out a larger mid-section and bust. A tapered jean will also emphasize a larger middle and make you appear disproportional.

Dark Wash Details

Much like wearing black, darker wash jeans are slimming and will help to give a slimmer appearance to your tummy. Choose a dark wash featuring a high-waisted style to eliminate a muffin top.

Look for Spandex

Jeans that have some spandex will stretch and help to suck in and hide a larger tummy. The right amount of stretch in the jeans will also provide you with a better overall fit to hug your curves.