If you have a little extra going on in the back, shopping for pants can be tough. Many of them are too tight on your derriere and too loose in other places. If you're fed up in your search for pants that both fit and flatter, there's hope -- simply make your search more targeted and understand the best pants for your shape.

High Rise

The importance of mid- or high-rise pants cannot be overstated for ladies with bigger derrieres. Low-rise pants typically won't fit over your back section and you'll be left with the the woman's equivalent of "plumber's crack." Opt for higher rises which will have enough material to cover your backside. They'll not only fit better, they'll be much more comfortable.


Stretch is your best friend. The stretchier the pant, the more it will fit your proportions. This is especially true when shopping for jeans. Jeans with no stretch will have a tough time contouring around your backside. The more stretch, the better fit. Look for jeans made from selvedge denim, which is known for its ability to stretch.


If you're looking to minimize your backside, snag pants with lower-positioned back pockets. The higher the pockets sit, the bigger your caboose looks. Lower-set pockets have the exact opposite effect and effectively slim you back there. Additionally, be sure to avoid pockets with flaps or embellishments, which add needless bulk.

Wide Leg and Washes

Another way to balance out your proportions is to opt for a wide-leg pant. Flared legs work just as well as boot cuts, so pick either silhouette. Hemlines that skim the floor make you appear taller, which also slims you. To get more bang for your buck, try pants in darker shades. The darker the wash of the denim, the smaller your backside will appear.

Draped and Slouchy Styles

Trendy draped styles like the harem pant work well on ladies with bigger backsides. Theses styles are intended to be loose and flowy so they're going to have a lot more room in the backside and thigh area, making them an easy and stylish fit.