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If you were born with that condition known as "Noassatall," know that there is a world full of folks just like you. If you are shopping for pants to fit your frame, the great news is there are thousands of great options that will fit and flatter you.

Best Pant Styles for Men with No Butt

Since there is less of you, you need less pant. For starters, you want only flat front or plain front pants-- No pleats. The extra fabric in pleats will not complement your frame. Also, you'll want slim fit pants. Traditional-fit pants will have too much fabric in the seat and crotch and will bag and droop on your backside. If you are extremely thin and fashion-forward, you might even consider a super-slim denim that is tighter through the calf. The good news is that designers love the thin, vertical man these days.

Casual Pants

Plain-front, slim-fit pants are available in lots of fabrics for casual wear: khaki, corduroy, poplin, seersucker, linen and lots of modern technical fabrics with stretch. The traditional brands like Dockers, Gap, Eddie Bauer and Polo Ralph Lauren have casual styles that will fit. Designers like Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole and J. Lindeberg specifically cater to your body style. If you shop online, just search slim-fit pants and you'll have thousands of great choices.

Dress Pants

Again, plain-front, slim-fit pants are the style you want. Wool, wool-blend and modern technical fabrics like microfiber and nylon are the fabrics you want. You can find these at Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, J. Lindeberg, Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom.

Jeans, Jeans, Jeans

Fit is the most important aspect of wearing jeans, and there are lots of great choices for the butt-challenged man. Levis 510, 511, 513 and 527 are the models for you in the great American classic jean. Other great options are available at Calvin Klein, Lucky, J. Crew and Billy Reid.