The Best Clothing Colors for Gray Hair

By Kathleen Gasior

Going gray can be a tough decision. Once you've made the transition, you may find that the colors that used to look great on you are no longer flattering. Find out how to rethink your clothing colors, making the most of your beautiful gray hair.

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The Best Clothing Colors for Gray Hair

Know Your Shade

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Different shades of gray

Many people think that gray hair is gray. Not so. Gray hair ranges from dark gray to silver, platinum and blonde-gray. Before you start choosing clothing colors, know your exact shade or acheive the shade you really want. If you are steel gray or blonde-gray and want silver or platinum, a professional hairdresser can really help. They can give you white highlights, strip old hair dye or give you a rinse or gloss to add color and shine.

Start With a Clean Slate

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Reinvent yourself

This doesn't mean that you have to buy a whole new wardrobe. It simply means throw out any pre-conceived ideas of what "your colors" are. This is a great time to reinvent yourself and really play with color.

Go Crazy for Color

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Try colors you've never worn before

Author Kim Johnson with Gross More magazine said, "I think a color has to pass two tests: It has to give your face a healthy glow and it has to make you smile. The only way to find these magic shades is to experiment- to try on colors you've never worn before, including those you thought you weren't supposed to wear."

Expert Insight

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Try jewel tones

Teresa Morisco of advises "Wearing gray or silver is fairly easy when you are gray or silver-haired. I love the idea of mirroring your hair color in your clothing-it looks so fluid and beautiful and it's something that all good personal stylists advise. But for you silver and platinum sisters without much pigment left, you need to add some color." Some color suggestions are purple, warm orange, fuscia, pink or jewel tones like cobalt blue, emerald green and ruby red. For gray-haired women, most experts agree that the one color to avoid is beige. If you want to go pale, try bright white instead.

Check Your Makeup

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Don't forget to check your makeup colors

If you've chosen your clothing colors and still look pale or washed out, check your makeup colors, as they probably need updating. Define the eyes, add a sheer coral or peach blush, and don't skip the lip color. If you're not a lipstick girl, smooth on a tinted balm or stain.

Support For Silver Sisters

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Find support online

You may feel alone in your struggle to find this beautiful new you, but it's not true. is an entire website devoted just to women trying to look terrific with gray hair. It offers before and after photos, tips on how to transition and Cafe Gray, a chat room devoted entirely to support and advice from other women in the same boat.