How to Pick Colors to Wear in Fashion for Older Women. Older women often make the mistake of getting stuck in a wardrobe rut. The assumption that what worked ten years ago still looks great today is untrue. As we get older hair and skin tone changes subtly. Clothing is a reflection of who we are, and as you become older and wiser, your wardrobe needs to reflect who you are right now. Color is an excellent way to achieve this.

Change your assumptions. Try to go into a store you don't usually shop at and see the clothing on the rack with new eyes. Look for colors that you love in a new shade to spice things up or try a completely different hue in a few different shades. Try on a few new things that you've never tried before, but don't buy them yet. The goal is to get out of your comfort zone and get the wheels turning.

Try something new. If you have dark hair and eyes but are fair, choose a deep garnet, navy blue or a rich pink. If you are blonde or silver-haired with fair skin, try the latest shades of the season in pale pinks, ivory and especially lavender and periwinkle hues to make your face sparkle. If you have a darker complexion, choose rich earth tones, poppy reds, deep royal blue or even a bright turquoise to revitalize your look.

Consider your current wardrobe. Now might be the time to update wardrobe essentials in more modern cuts and styles. Basic blacks, whites and neutrals are still your friend but as time marches on, subtle differences in cut and even the shade or white or black used by designers can make your wardrobe look dated compared to today's looks. Choose basics with lots of structure to flatter your figure and pick textures that are soft and feminine.

Pick your best facial feature and choose colors to compliment that feature. For example, if you have hazel eyes, hold up different colored shirts to you chest and look in the mirror. Some colors will make your eyes pop and attract notice, while others will make them appear a little bit flatter and more washed out. Try this exercise if you're shy about trying new colors to help you pick the right shades. If a color makes your face look gray, flat, washed out or sallow-- skip it.

Start small. Work a few new colored accessories into your wardrobe before you commit. Try a new bracelet, bag, or new shoes in current colors and see how you like them. When you find a few colors you really like, buy a new top in that color. Avoid brights and harsh colors, as well as washed out pastels and neutrals.

Break the rules. Skip seasonal color rules, and also nix the idea of what colors look best on you. Every woman looks good in every color of the rainbow. It's just a matter of which shade of each color compliments you the most. The more shades you try on, the more colors you'll find that make you look fabulous.