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The colors of cognac and amber are each known for their distinctive hues of red and orange. Make these warm tones the focal point of an outfit by pairing this specific shade of reddish-orange with the right contrasting colors to highlight the depth of cognac and amber hues.

Defining Amber and Cognac Hues

Glass of Cognac
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Before you can match colors to cognac or amber shades, it's important to know precisely the shades you are working with. When you picture a glass of cognac, you essentially see warm tones that blend red and orange together for a shade that emulates the glow of a fire.


Color harmony is defined as a visual balance between various shades of colors on the twelve-part color wheel. Complementary color schemes create color harmony as they match two colors that lie opposite each other on the color wheel. For the reddish-orange of cognac and amber hues, navy-blue shades lie exactly opposite them on the color wheel and stand as their complementary color match.


Matching the deep tones of amber and cognac with various hues of brown is a complementary choice because brown is neutral color. With neutrals consisting of black, white, brown, navy blue and gray, choosing brown as a complementary color provides a few wardrobe options. Pairing cognac or amber with a chocolate-brown color creates a fall color scheme, while matching it with a lighter or khaki-brown color makes for more of a spring look.


Create a bright summertime look by pairing amber hues with white. The vibrancy of either a white button-down shirt or white linen pants will pop the reddish-orange hue of cognac or amber. As a neutral, white is a good balancing color for cognac or amber. While brown and white are both positive neutral options, avoid black, as it could be reminiscent of Halloween with the orange components to these cognac and amber shades.