By Victoria Bailey

If you know someone who has a passion for the color turquoise, little could be more appropriate for a birthday than a cake covered in that color. Gather some simple ingredients and mix up the frosting for a cake your friends, family and guests will find uniquely appealing.

Stir up turquoise colored frosting for a special cake.

Step 1

Spoon one batch of white frosting into a large mixing bowl.

Step 2

Put 6 drops of sky blue food coloring into the frosting. Add 1 drop of lemon yellow food coloring.

Step 3

Mix the frosting and food colorings together until they are entirely uniform in color. The color will be a light turquoise color. If you like this color, frost the cake. If the color is too light, darken it with more coloring.

Step 4

Continue adding more food coloring until it is dark enough. Add 6 drops of sky blue and 1 drop of lemon yellow every time, then stir to test the color.