What Color to Wear With Blue Eyes & Brown Hair

By Monique La Barr

Each individual has a unique coloring and a corresponding color palette to work with. Depending on the color of your hair and eyes, certain shades can make you look wonderful or sickly. Skin tone also makes a big difference when choosing a flattering color to wear. A certain color on one person will not look the same on someone else. If you have blue eyes and brown hair, there are certain colors that will look best on you, and there are ways to find your best options.

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Having blue eyes and brown hair gives you the opportunity to wear many different colors. Some shades may look better than others and each person, depending on how light their eye and skin color is, has a color palette that is most flattering. Individuals with blue eyes and brown hair fall into one of two seasons: winter or summer. The summer season is categorized by light- to medium-brown hair, light blue eyes and a light to medium skin tone. Summer is associated with warmer hues. Light pastel colors look best on summer seasons. Beige, yellow and ivory are great; pink and lavender also look good. The winter season is categorized by contrast; someone with dark brown hair, blue eyes and light pale skin is a winter. Olive and dark skin shades are also associated with winter. Winters look best in colder hues and their most becoming colors are bold and rich colors. Bright white is a very flattering color for a winter to wear, as are frosty pastels, burgundy and dark blue.


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It is important to consider makeup when determining what colors to wear with blue eyes and brown hair. With blue eyes, you can wear eye shadow thoughtout the blue color range. As a general rule, it is flattering to wear an eye shadow shade the same hue as your eye color to bring out its vibrancy. Summer brunettes with blue eyes look best in pale pinks, lavender, and neutral eye shadow colors. Winter brunettes look good with plum and deep green applied to their lids.

When deciding on complementing colors, it's important to go beyond rules and guidelines and assess your appearance by simply looking into a mirror. Some colors will have an appealing look that tells you they're right for your brown hair/blue eye combination. In addition, look at personal imperfections and see if a certain color makes this imperfection less obvious--this is probably a perfect color for you.

Universal Colors

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Just as there are some styles of clothing that look good on the majority of people--jeans, button-down shirts and blazers--there ways most people can wear any color. Although it is important to wear colors from your seasonal category frequently, there are opportunities to wear a color that is not "suitable" as an accent piece. While black may not be a color that looks the most pleasing on you, you can make it work by pairing a neutral-colored top with your black slacks or cute black skirt. A red bracelet or headband is great as a fun addition to a pale pink dress. It's important to enjoy the color you are wearing and keep a balance with your most flattering colors for a becoming appearance.