A few years ago purple hair seemed like it was just a brief trend. Now that it has continued to be a popular hair color for many people it doesn't make sense to dismiss it as a flash in the pan trend. As it is a popular hair color choice right now it's a good idea for those who want to dip into the dye to figure out what makeup will compliment them and their purple hair.

Makeup Colors for Lighter Shades of Purple Hair

Choosing makeup colors for purple hair is as varied as the different shades of purple that can be used to dye one's hair. Something that may look fabulous with light purple hair may not look as good with darker shades of purple hair.

Makeup Colors for Darker Shades of Purple Hair

Daytime Makeup Looks for Purple Hair

With purple hair immediately the purple becomes the more dramatic feature in a look. Going with neutral tones for the makeup will suit the look best if the main focus point is the hair. Neutral browns and grey eyeshadows will work well. Mascara. Maybe some face contouring. Nicole Richie usually wears her makeup that way to pair with her purple locks.

Evening Makeup Looks for Purple Hair