Good Hair Colors for Brown Eyes

By Tiesha Whatley

From golden brown to molten chocolate, brown eyes are complemented by a palette of colors. Choosing the right range of colors to best match your eyes depends on your skin tone -- whether you're warm- or cool-toned. Typically, people with cool skin tones have darker brown eyes and those with warm skin tones have lighter brown eyes.

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Dark Brown Eyes

As a general rule, hair color for gals with dark brown eyes --from deep, chestnut brown to black-brown -- should be cool-toned, such as the darkest brown or auburn brown.

Cool skin tone: Cool skin tones with dark brown eyes work best with medium brown and blond highlights. The trick here is to not wash out your complexion with smokey dark browns. (ref 1, slide 9; ref 1, slide 1) Sandy, beachy brown color will enhance your skin color and eyes.

Warm skin tone: Warm skin tones with dark brown eyes pop with darkest brown, just a few shades up from black. What also works well with this skin-eye combination is chestnut brown, which is a mixture of dark brown with caramel and light auburn highlights. It works to brighten your skin tone and enhance your eyes.

"The biggest rule . . . is that your natural hair color is the shade range that you should stay within," Kelly Van Gogh, hair colorist and creator of Kelly Van Gogh Hair Color, told "Go too far outside of it and you're likely to wind up with hair that is not only damaged and dull, but fake looking against your skin tone."

Light Brown Eyes

As a general rule for light brown eyes -- from golden brown to brown hazel -- your ideal hair color is warm toned such as honey brown or golden blond.

Cool skin tone: Cool skin tones with light brown eyes pair well with a sunny, golden brown that appears lightly sun-kissed and has caramel-honey highlights throughout. This sunny shade of brown brings out the light brown coloring of your eyes.

Warm skin tone: Warm skin tones with light brown eyes pair well with caramel brown. This hue, a mixture of light brown and golden highlights, illuminates your eyes and complexion because the base of this hair color is still brown. (ref 1, slide 2).