The right hair color can be the difference between making your brown eyes pop and making them seem terribly dull. In the perfect world, we would be able to just pick any color and look great with it. But the reality is, not every hair color works with every skin tone and eye color. However, you can find a color you will like that looks great with your brown eyes.

Light Brown Eyes with Light Skin

People with light brown eyes and a light skin tone can play with their colors a bit. Go with any color between medium brown and light blonde. You look better with cool colors. To really make your light brown eyes stand out try a medium brown with blonde highlights. This will make your hair fuller and bring out the golden flecks in your eyes.

Light Brown Eyes with Medium and Dark Skin

Light brown eyes with medium or dark skin tones should go as light as blonde. You look better with warmer colors. Stick with a color somewhere between medium brown and medium blonde. If you are intent on lighter colors, use them as highlights. Blonde highlights on medium brown hair are very attractive. To mix it up a bit, go with light brown hair with medium brown lowlights and blonde highlights. The three different tones in the hair will brighten the tone of your skin and of your eyes.

Dark Brown Eyes with Light Skin

It is a good contradiction of color to have dark brown eyes with light skin. This combination works best with cool colors, so stick with the natural palette; only change the color of the hair one or two colors from your natural color on the color wheel. You can also use the same colors in the light brown eyes and light skin recommendations, which are between medium brown and light blonde. If choosing a two-tone color job, go with lowlights instead of highlights.

Dark Brown Eyes with Medium Skin

Colors between dark brown and dark blonde works best for this particular eye and skin combination. The good thing about brown eyes with a medium skin tone is that you are able to use cool or warm colors. In the summer months, when the skin is darker, stay with cooler hair colors. During winter, use warmer hair colors. Or, you can wear highlights and lowlights year-round.

Dark Brown Eyes with Dark Skin

Dark brown eyes and dark skin looks beautiful with dark hair. This may be difficult for people who dream of a lighter color, but your best hair color are always a dark one–between dark brown and black. Your natural palette is what works for you and really brings out your eyes. To spice up a little bit, you can add medium brown highlights, but don’t go too light with the highlights.