How to Stop My Eyes From Tearing & Burning When Wearing Makeup

By Lisa DiVirgilio

When your eyes begin to tear and burn after applying makeup, it can mean that you are suffering from an allergic reaction to the brand of makeup you are wearing. There are different ways to remedy this, such as using a primer that limits makeup contact directly to the skin or switching to a better brand for more sensitive skin. It also could mean that you have soap or makeup buildup around your eyes.

You can avoid the irritation of eye makeup by prepping your skin and using the right brands.

Step 1

Thoroughly wash the skin around the eye before applying makeup, making sure you have removed all soap. Soap can be a harsh irritant to the skin. When applying makeup, you may be pushing soap residue into the eye. This can happen easily when applying eyeliner to the lower lid. By rinsing your eye area before your makeup application, you may be able to avoid the burning and watering that you may be experiencing.

Step 2

Apply a makeup primer to the skin surrounding the eye before applying makeup. The skin around your eye is very sensitive and may react differently from the rest of your facial skin to makeup. Therefore, applying a protective barrier in the form of makeup primer around your eye helps to soothe the skin and also makes your makeup appear smoother. This will keep the makeup from being placed directly on your skin and could stop irritation.

Step 3

Switch to sensitive-skin or organic makeup. Many leading brands such as Almay, Revlon and Cover Girl offer sensitive-skin and organic makeup alternatives that may be better for you. The makeup you're using currently could be the root of your problems, so switching to a more sensitive type could cure irritation.

Step 4

Always remove all makeup before you go to sleep. Makeup can build up over time if it is not washed off properly and eventually cause deposits in and around the eye area. This can cause continual irritation.