Textured hair cut styles are popular because the structure of the cut adds volume to hair naturally. Layers are cut into your hair horizontally, then trimmed vertically to achieve a well-blended look. With some cuts, a razor is used to give the ends of your hair a wispy look. Your stylist may also add texture to the ends of your hair by snipping it into tiny points with a pair of very sharp scissors.

Super Short

If you like a textured haircut that is simple to style, try a super short cut. This boyish hairstyle looks best on women who have an oval or angular face shape. Hair this length offers an opportunity to play with different colors since it grows out quickly. Sweep the hair straight up in spikes with a little gel or just let it fall naturally. Wispy bangs and a feathered cut at the nape of your neck offer a softer version of this look.


An asymmetrical hairstyle allows you to draw attention to your best features. If you like your cheekbones, have one side cut high to show them off. Or, choose bangs cut on a slant to showcase your eyes. Women with round faces can wear a shoulder length asymmetrical cut. This style lengthens the face. It also draws the eye down toward the neckline where the different levels of hair add interest.

Chunky Wedge

This cut works well for straight hair. A wedge hairstyle that is stacked in the back offers plenty of opportunity to texture the hair. Cutting the layers upward at an angle and blending them keeps the wedge from looking mushroom shaped. Use styling wax to add additional texture to this haircut. Get this hairstyle trimmed once a month to prevent it from looking shaggy.

Razor Cut

Some stylists ditch the scissors completely and just use a razor and a comb to do a complete haircut. This technique is perfect for coarse, straight or slightly wavy hair. It can actually be used to de-volumize hair while adding texture and layers that are gently feathered. A razor cut can be short, but it often looks best at chin length or longer. If you have very fine or thinning hair, avoid this type of haircut. It may make your hair look too wispy.

Long Textured

A long textured cut is a good choice for wavy or curly hair. The layering allows the curls to lift and spiral freely. Blow dry this hairstyle with a diffuser and use pomade to separate the curls or waves. You don’t have to get touch-ups as frequently with this cut; but you should keep an eye out for split ends. This style looks good tied loosely at the nape of your neck or swept up into a soft bun.