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Testosterone is the hormone responsible for normal growth and development of male sex organs and continuance of secondary sexual characteristics. Low levels of testosterone in males can lead to sexual dysfunction, infertility, loss of body and facial hair and male osteoporosis. Physicians may prescribe topical testosterone creams and gels to supplement the body's production of testosterone.

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Normal Beard Growth

Normal beard growth is determined by the hormone testosterone secreted by the testes and by genetic disposition. For example, some ethnic groups, such as the American Indian, do not grow facial hair. In addition, no matter what your race, if your grandfather and father had very little facial hair, chances are good that you too will not develop a full beard. The growth of facial hair is triggered during puberty, which for some males may not happen until they are in their mid-20s.

Testosterone Cream

Testosterone creams are not routinely prescribed for beard growth. Use of testosterone creams is aimed at increasing testosterone levels to decrease sexual dysfunction, decrease male osteoporosis, and type 2 diabetes. Testosterone creams are considered an anabolic steroid, and their use by athletes to increase muscle mass and endurance is prohibited by law.

Side Effects

One possible positive side effect of testosterone cream therapy for some men is the additional beard growth triggered by the testosterone. Testosterone cream does not cause a massive increase in beard growth and thickness, but tends to increase growth enough that it is noticeable. Testosterone creams are sometimes used by women body builders to increase muscle girth and can have the side effect of increased facial hair in them as well.


Synthetic testosterone creams are legally available by prescription only. There are, however, several natural testosterone creams and supplements available at most health food stores. These supplements contain mostly herbal ingredients that are similar to the natural testosterone produced by the human body. Like synthetic testosterone, natural testosterone supplements can have the effects of increased beard and body hair growth, both in males and females


The use of any kind of testosterone supplement should be thoroughly discussed with your doctor. The use of a testosterone cream by a pregnant woman can cause birth defects in the unborn child. Most natural testosterone supplements will trigger a positive drug screen for anabolic steroid use. Testosterone creams should never by used by a man who has been diagnosed with tumors of the breast or prostate, as its use can trigger rapid growth of these types of tumors.