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While you may believe that dietary supplements like Myomin have no side effects simply because they contain only natural ingredients, many naturally occurring ingredients can cause side effects just as prescription drugs. Thus, it’s important that you understand any side effects that may occur from using Myomin before starting its use.


Myomin is a dietary supplement made from a proprietary blend of Chinese herbs. Its manufacturer, Chi’s Enterprise Inc., claims that taking the product helps the body metabolize unhealthy estrogens to ensure proper hormonal balance. While the manufacturer claims that anyone can benefit from its use, it also claims on its website that Myomin is particularly effective for people with conditions in which estrogen balances are off, such as those with cysts and fibroids.


A two-capsule dosage of Myomin, which is the amount the manufacturer recommends be taken daily, contains 200 milligrams of Smilax glabra Roxb, 200 milligrams of Curcuma zedoria, 200 milligrams of Cyperus rotundus and 200 milligrams of Aralia Dasyphylla Mig. Daily recommended values have not been established for any of these ingredients.

Side Effects

A small number of users of Myomin have reported experiencing nausea and bloating. Lowering the dosage of Myomin or taking the pills with food can decrease these side effects.


Myomin is considered an aromatase inhibitor. Other aromatase inhibitors made by pharmaceutical companies have been shown to cause joint stiffness and joint pain, and can also cause heart problems and bone loss. Myomin causes fewer side effects than prescription medications meant to do the same job. However, no independent studies have evaluated whether Myomin does the job equally well.


Myomin has not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration because it is sold as a dietary supplement. Thus, it’s unclear whether people with certain medical conditions, women who are pregnant or breast feeding, or those who are taking certain medications, could be adversely affected by taking Myomin. Thus, it’s best to talk to your doctor about taking Myomin before taking it.