By Tanya Robertson

Hydroquinone cream is used as a skin bleaching treatment. The cream mainly treats liver spots, melasma, acne scars, freckles, and any other form of skin discoloration. Some individuals even choose to use the cream to lighten entire areas of the body. In the U.S., creams with 2% hydroquinone or less can be purchased over-the-counter and creams with 4% concentrations can be prescribed by a physician. For many, purchasing these creams can become expensive, so they find that mixing their own is more affordable.

Apply the cream to any areas of skin you wish to lighten.

Step 1

Mix 3ml water and 5g hydroquinone powder in a bowl using a spoon. Continue to stir until all the hydroquinone powder is dissolved.

Step 2

Mix 15g Retin-A cream, 15 g Lidex cream and 50g Eucerin cream separately in the second bowl until all ingredients are blended together. You can use the same spoon you used to mix the hydroquinone solution.

Step 3

Pour the hydroquinone solution into the bowl containing the creams and thoroughly mix the ingredients together.

Step 4

Pour the mixture into a small airtight container for storage.