Face cream
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If you are looking to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, DMAE cream may be able to help. DMAE, short for dimethylaminoethanol, is an antioxidant that works to protect the skin and rejuvenate cell production, helping to make the skin firmer, brighter and smoother. Many brand name DMAE creams can be expensive, but luckily DMAE as a supplement is relatively affordable, meaning you can mix your own DMAE cream at home for a fraction of the price.

Choose a base. For a base, you can use any facial lotion or cream you normally use. For oily skin or as a day cream, a light moisturizer is recommended, while a cream is recommended for night or drier skin types. It is important that whichever base you choose, it absorbs well on the skin. The better the base absorbs, the better the DMAE cream will work.

Find a DMAE supplement. DMAE supplements vary from powder to liquid. While both will work, powdered DMAE Bitartrate is recommended. Many liquid supplements don't state the strength of the DMAE, making it difficult to control the strength of the solution you're mixing. If you're only able to find DMAE as a liquid supplement, please skip to the next step, but be advised the results are more difficult to predict.

When working with DMAE as a powder, you'll need to mix it with water, oil, aloe or some additional base to make the solution more soluble. To to this, mix 2 grams (about 1/2 teaspoon) of 100% DMAE Bitartrate with 1 tablespoon of the additional base.

Mix the base lotion/cream and DMAE solution well. Add 40 ml of your chosen facial lotion or cream base to the DMAE solution. This mixture results in a DMAE cream with a 4% concentration. You can make the solution stronger or weaker as needed, but be careful of making the solution too strong, as it may irritate the skin. Experts recommend DMAE creams be no higher than 8% DMAE.

Enjoy Use your new DMAE cream day or night, depending on the base chosen, just as you would any facial lotion or cream.