Using a tanning bed should be easy for customers. When tanning beds begin to have problems, there are steps that can be taken to troubleshoot your problem. Some tanning bed problems can be fixed with minimal repair, while others may require a technician with trained experience.

No Power

If the tanning bed is having trouble turning on, and there is no power, check the power cord of the tanning bed. Make sure the bed's timer is set to a number higher than 0. Each tanning bed has a power cable that connects the bed to an electrical outlet or power strip. Make sure the cable is plugged in. Even if the cable is plugged in, unplug and then plug the bed back in. If the electrical cord is not plugged in correctly the bed will not function. If your tanning bed has an on and off switch, make sure the switch is turned to the "on" position. Some tanning beds will not power without all the bulbs seated correctly. Check each bulb to make sure it is properly seated. If the bed does not power, contact the bed manufacturer for assistance.

Lamps Fail to Light

One common problem with tanning beds is that your lamps fail to light. Start by checking your lamps by unplugging and then plugging your bed into the electrical socket to ensure proper electrical connection. There may be a fuse problem with your bed that is causing your lamps to fail. Check your fuse, and if necessary replace the fuse with a brand-new fuse. Tanning beds contain connections from the base of the bed to the canopy of the bed. Make sure that the power cord from the bed to the canopy is plugged in securely. When you troubleshoot make sure that the timer on the bed is set to a number higher than 0. The bed's lamps turn on only when the timer is active with a number of minutes for the session.

Facial Tanner Does Not Light

Typically facial tanners have a delayed start. Make sure you wait a few seconds after the bed has powered to ensure that the facial tanner is working properly. Some beds have a control button to turn the unit on and off. Check the button, and make sure it is in the "on" position. The bulbs could have burned themselves out on the facial tanning unit. Replace these bulbs, and try again.