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SunQuest tanning beds are an at-home line of products by the German company Wolff Systems, which manufactures tanning beds for residential and commercial use. The SunQuest line features both traditional beds and canopy-only designs. Bulbs last between 800 and 1,000 hours. They may continue to light after this, but will begin to lose their effectiveness. Knowing how to change the bulbs yourself can save you a lot of time and money if you're a frequent tanner or you use the bed in a small business.

Check your bed to see what types of bulbs, also called lamps, you need to purchase. If possible, buy the same kind, especially if your bed is under warranty. Using uncertified bulbs can void your warranty and potentially ruin your bed or cause injury if they are not compatible with your machine.

Remove an end-cap by unscrewing the four screws located along the top of the ridge. Slide out the metal grill from the inside of the bed.

Turn the bulb a quarter turn, holding it at the center. Slide the bulb out.

Insert the pins on the end of the replacement bulb into the slots on the top of the bulb holder, and turn it a quarter turn. Push the bulb in gently the rest of the way.

Place the end-cap back onto the bed and tighten the screws back down until the end is secure.