Young woman sunbathing on lounger. Legs.

Stand-up tanning booths are a popular choice among tanners. Standing in a booth instead of lying on a bed generally creates a more even tan, and many tanning booths have stronger light bulbs, which make for a quicker tanning session. However, many people are unsure about how to stand in a tanning booth to maximize results. Luckily, it is extremely simple and only requires you to keep in mind a few simple steps.

Prepare to enter the tanning booth. Undress, apply your lotion and put on your protective eye gear. Since you are using a stand-up tanning both instead of a traditional tanning bed, make sure that your eye gear has a strap that goes around the head so it doesn't fall off. Also, if you have long hair, put it into a ponytail on the top of your head to ensure you tan the tops of your shoulders and the back of your neck properly.

Step into the tanning booth and turn on the machine. Turning on the machine is usually done by simply pushing a button, but check the specific instructions for the machine you are using if you are unsure.

Put your hands through the loops located on the top of the tanning booth. Almost all stand-up tanning booths will have these loops, but if not, simply hold your arms over your head as long or as often as possible during the tanning process.

Put your feet on the spots indicated on the bottom of the machine. This can be indicated in many ways depending on the type of tanning booth, but is typically shown by two Xs. If you do not see any markings of where to place your feet, try to stand directly in the center of the tanning booth with your feet approximately a foot apart.


  • Consider a sunless-tanning option to avoid potential health risks. Many tanning salons now offer spray-on tanning services at reasonable prices.