In order to keep a perfect, sunkissed glow in even the darkest winter, many turn to tanning salons. If you are a first time user, you may have a number of questions about what supplies you will need for an effective tanning sessions. Along with eyewear, you will need to know what to and what not to wear to achieve your desired effect.

Determine your reasons for tanning. First, you need to know what your desired outcome is. The differences between an all-over tan, tanning for a vacation or tanning for specific apparel will help guide you in what you need to wear. No matter how long you choose to tan, you must use protective eye wear. The light from a tanning bed can cause damage to your retnas and corneas that could ultimately lead to cataracts. Exercise caution accordingly.

Wear comfortable outerwear. Tanning salons do not allow for much preparation time before and after your tanning session, so choose clothing that you can get in and out of quickly and comfortably.

Wear nothing in the tanning bed. If you want to achieve a perfectly even all-over tan, you will get the best results if you tan in the nude. Salons are inspected and beds are cleaned after each client. Many salons even leave out extra cleaning supplies for clients to give the bed a wipe-down themselves.

Wear underwear. If you don't need a perfect tan, you can tan in your underwear. Choose a strapless bra or tube top to minimize tan lines that could should in everyday apparel. Wearing underwear can protect more sensitive skin from the tanning bed, as well as keep you more comfortable if you prefer not to tan in the nude. The tan line left by your clothing will also help you track your progress. This will help you avoid becoming too tan.

Wear a bathing suit. If you are going on vacation, or are planning to wear a certain bathing suit, you may want to tan in the suit. This will keep your tan lines consistent, as well as give you more comfort if you prefer not to tan in the nude. Another benefit of wearing a bathing suit is the suit's ability to dry quickly. If you become too hot while tanning, the suit can help keep you cooler by wicking away and drying sweat quickly.


Always wear protective eyewear.