Woman in white bikini in a stand up tanning bed

If you are looking for a thorough tan that covers your entire body, stand-up tanning beds are your answer. They can save you time, give you more accurate coverage, and ease your fears of confined spaces or beds that have not been cleaned.

Time Frame

In addition to delivering an even tan, stand-up tanning beds take less time than lay-down beds. Due to the bulbs being more intense, tanning time is a maximum of 10 minutes, whereas lay-down beds can be up to 20 minutes.


If you worry about how your skin will react with a bed that may or may not be cleaned properly, than a stand-up bed is a better option because your body does not touch the acrylic sides.


If you feel too enclosed when using a lay-down bed, then a stand-up bed may be better for you. Although stand-up beds still enclose your body, there is more room in a stand-up bed, which may feel more natural and ease your feelings of being enclosed.


The bulbs of a stand-up booth are more intense than those in a lay-down bed, typically 160 watts instead of 100 watts. This allows for you to spend less time tanning and still receive the same results. Make sure you spend less time in your session to avoid sunburn.


One of the biggest reasons to consider a stand-up tanning solution is to gain coverage of every part of your body. Your body is surrounded in a stand-up bed, and during your session you can raise your arms or move to ensure proper coverage.