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The Risk

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In the age of instant gratification and decreasing patience, everyone is looking for the quick fix. Tanning is no different. Who doesn't want to be a tan, eye-catching dreamboat? The important thing is to keep it safe. According to the World Health Organization one of out every three cancers diagnosed is skin cancer. Ultraviolet light, such as that produced by a sun bed, is a known risk factor for cancer. The FDA has set regulations in place in order to protect people and it is important to follow those guidelines for your own safety.


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Using a tanning lotion or oil is a good practice for anyone who's looking for a quick tan. Not only does it help develop your tan when your out of the bed but it locks in moisture. That locked in moisture helps your skin absorb the UV light so you're darker faster. Oils nowadays often come with an added bronzer which gives your skin that sun kissed look. Combine oils with 15 minutes in a high pressure bulb tanning bed and you will see the difference within an hour after.

High Pressure Beds

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High pressure beds are not for the fair skinned. These beds are for the tanning veteran. The main difference between these and the low pressure beds is the UV ray concentration. In a high pressure bed the UV light rays are filtered out leaving your skin susceptible to less dangerous UVA light. Another great advantage to a high pressure bed is the amount of time required to build a base tan and to maintain it. With a low pressure bed it can take up to a month if you go daily to build a good base. With a high pressure bed you can achieve this in under a week, according tanning-advisor.com.


When your skin is exposed to UV light, it reacts by producing a pigment called melanin to protect itself from the harmful rays. The melanin is what causes skin to have a darker appearance and thus a tan. Accelerators do just that. They increase the body's production of melanin when exposed to UV light. It can be used in conjunction with a bronzer for an even faster tanning result. It comes in either pill or lotion form with directions for application. The only danger is that most of the ingredients used in their production are not approved by the FDA, according to carefair.com .