Solarium tanning bed

After having a pacemaker inserted into your body, it is important to follow several strict diet and exercise plans set forth by your doctor. However, your doctor may not inform you of other activities you may or may not be able to take part in. One such activity may be tanning in a bed. If you typically tan in a bed, you need to take a few extra precautions to ensure that your pacemaker scar does not darken.

Reserve a tanning bed with a lower intensity if you are planning on tanning in a bed. It is important not to go right back to high-intensity beds after staying away for several weeks or even months (due to the pacemaker surgery). If you do, your skin is more likely to burn.

Keep the area around your pacemaker scan covered, if at all possible. Although the sun and ultraviolet rays are not going to affect your pacemaker, it is going to increase the darkness of your scar.

Place a Band-Aid over the scar. This is going to properly cover the scar and leave the smallest possible tan line around the area.

Apply sunscreen lotion over the scar. Although it is important to have the lotion applied to your entire body, it is a good idea to coat on an extra layer of cream over the scar. This is going to help prevent the scar from darkening.

Limit your length of exposure to the sun or tanning bed. Extended exposure can increase your chances of having skin cancer.