Short & Curly Hairstyles for Boys

By Filonia LeChat

Even little boys enjoy making a "fashion statement" and they have one accessory available to them at all times—their hair. They can match their hair to their outfits, change it up for a new look, style it casual or punky. The following steps require a few simple accessories (parents may wish to perform the actual cutting of the hair) and products to achieve exciting, fun looks for little boys.

Short and Spiky

For adventurous little boys, cut the sides of the hair very short. Leave the top of the hair longer (up to 3.5 inches). Using a razor, sweep across the hair from the middle of the head to the outer edges of the hair. Aim a blow dryer at the back of the hair and work a scrunching gel through the remnants of hair until it is dry. Ruffle your fingers through the hair to create a mussed look.

The Shag

Part the boy's hair (when wet) in the middle and cut the ends with a razor, leaving bangs at eye level for a fringe. Dry with a blow dryer and work styling gel into the hair. When dry, rub smoothing mousse into the hair and work through the ends, separating out chunks over the eye and throughout the head.


For a tapered look, cut top section of wet hair with a razor for a chunky effect. Blow dry hair and work in a scrunching gel throughout. When dry, add mousse and piece out clumps of hair for a choppy, multiple piece look that works its way down from the top of the head.


Cut the sides of the boy's hair into a wedge, tapering slightly. Cut the top and the crown of the head, leaving the hair slightly longer than the sides. Towel dry hair (no blow dryer required), then smooth on a styling gel throughout. With a comb (or your fingers), work through hair and arrange in the direction it should lay. Let air dry. Hair may be refreshed with a spritz of water.

Faux hawk

Boys enjoying the "punk" scene will rave over the faux hawk. Using clippers or scissors, cut the sides and back of hair as short as desired, making sure they are even. (Hint: Leave hair a bit longer for when the boy will style his hair in a regular fashion.) Take a strong gel or mousse and smooth it on the hair at the top of the head, pulling up from the roots to the ends of the hair. Work enough product in so that the hair stands up on the top of the boy's head. Finish with a cover of hairspray.