Short, Curly Hairstyles for Black Hair

By Tiesha Whatley

A short, curly and sassy style can be great for black hair. It is easy to style and maintain, while accentuating the exotic facial features of African American women. The secret to a great short curly style is to pick the right length and curl definition for your face shape.

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Square Faces

Square faces have a very strong angular jaw that needs to be played down. That is why short, curly styles work well for these face shapes; curl cuts works brilliantly with an angular jaw. Choose a cut that sits above the chin in layers. Choose loose curls that aren't too structured or polished. Go with the messy curly style without any bangs.

Round Faces

The primary goal for this shape is to limit the volume around the face. Try a cut where the hair falls just below the chin line. A really short cut just adds to the roundness of the face. Have the hair cut in layers with the ends wispy and tapered. This style slims the face and removes any bulkiness around the sides of the face. Make sure that the bangs are swept to the side and remain long. The curls for round faces shouldn't be too tight. Keep the curls loose and messy to further emphasize the roundness of the face. Also, stay away from lengths that are blunt or one-length.

Oval Faces

The best part about oval faces is that they can wear any type of hair style: a short curly style can work with any curl definition. Play with the styles to add variety. Tight curls framing the face are good for the office or an active nightlife. Messy loose curls, away from the face, are playful and fun.

Long Faces

The long face shape can be tricky with any short style other than curls. You want to add width to the face, not length; curls and waves work great for this. Try bangs that skim the brow. The rest of the hair should also be cut along the chin line. Do not go too short with a long face shape; you want the hair to fall to the side of the face. Tight, well-defined curls or loose waves will do as long as they don't take away from the perfect length.