Round Face Hairstyles for Black Women

By Melissa Cole

Round faces are characterized by wide cheekbones and smaller forehead and chin areas. To achieve the most complimentary hairstyle for your round face, the goal is to minimize the width of the cheekbones. Whether you wear your hair relaxed, pressed or natural, there are many styles that will flatter your soft facial structure. Consult a professional stylist for help with achieving these looks.

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Long Layers

Long, layered styles that hang lower than the chin will de-emphasize the roundness of your face. If you do not already have long hair, try hair extensions or clip-ins to achieve this voluminous, layered look. You can easily achieve this look at home, and for natural hair, the texture of your hair will lend add additional great dimension to your face. You can also try long micro braid extensions if you would like to keep your hair natural.

High Bangs

High bangs add an additional angle to a round, non-angular face and help give your face a more oval appearance. A side part works better, as a center part will make your face appear even wider. Try teasing your hair at the crown or adding a hair volumizing inserts, like Bumpits. Avoid blunt, harsh cuts and instead go for softer angles. This look can be achieved with the help of your professional stylist, and a low cost solution is available when you purchase bangs as clip-ins in an assortment of colors and textures at your local beauty supply store.

Gentle Waves

Loosely coiffed coils also -emphasize the roundness of the face. Use a medium barreled curling iron to create loose curls, starting from the back and moving around to the front. Loosely wrap hair in the curling iron. Apply stiffening spray generously to prevent the curls from falling. For more textured hair, this can be a slightly more difficult look to achieve, as it will be challenging to get the curls to hold. Try a setting rollers with wet hair, achieve loose curls after removing large twists or braids from your hair.

Pixie Cut

To try a short cut, a pixie cut works well. Pixie cuts are generally characterized by the hair being very short (under an inch) around the back and slightly longer in the front. This style works best with straight or relaxed hair and will require a lot of maintenance. Work with a professional stylist to achieve this look.