Neon Clothes From the 80s

By Rossana Coscolluela

The retro style of the '80s is gradually making a comeback in the fashion industry. Back in the '80s, oversized shirts and sweatshirts, legwarmers, dresses and even office clothes were available in bright neon colors such as hot pink, green and yellow. Today, celebrities such as Katy Perry, Sarah Hyland and Jennifer Lawrence can be seen wearing neon dresses on the red carpet.

Fashion in the 1980s included clothes with neon colors such as hot pink.

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Oversized Shirts and Sweatshirts

Almost all women wore oversized shirts and sweatshirts in loud neon colors in the '80s. The shirt was so big that part of the woman's shoulder was exposed. This was considered to be one of the sexiest outfits of that era. This fashion trend was made popular by the movie "Flashdance," which was a hit during that time. These oversized shirts were paired with spandex pants or leggings. Some teenagers would use a wide belt to accentuate their look. This piece of clothing could be worn by both slim and curvy women.

Neon Legwarmers

Before the '80s, only dancers wore legwarmers. During the '80s, legwarmers became a fashion statement. Teenagers would top off their outfits with brightly colored legwarmers. The fabric used was also changed from wool to cotton. Girls could even make their own legwarmers at home using a pair of big socks and scissors.

Neon Dresses

In the '80s, neon dresses were popular among designers and celebrities. The dresses were worn on various occasions by celebrities and women who wanted to stand out and make heads turn. Dresses in bright orange, hot pink and neon green were popular at that time. The styles of neon dresses varied from long and strapless eveningwear to short and funky club wear. Today, neon dresses are still making the rounds in the fashion industry. Some dresses are even made of fabric that lights up when exposed to UV lights inside a nightclub.

Workout Clothes

Workout clothes, including neon leotards, tights and legwarmers, were paired with neon high-cut shoes. This was partly influenced by Jane Fonda, who was considered to be a fitness icon at that time. It was important for women to look hot and fashionable even when they were at the gym. Those who were bolder would go for thong leotards with brightly colored tights and legwarmers. Colorful headbands were worn to complete the outfit.