Natural Clown-Makeup Removal

By LeafTV Editor

You may love clowns and maybe even dressing up as a clown, but you probably don't love the idea of having to remove all of the makeup that clowns wear. The makeup has to be thoroughly removed, however, so it won't cause any irritations or breakouts. Most of the methods that clowns use to remove makeup contain a variety of harsh chemicals. Fortunately, there are a variety of different natural methods to removing this heavy makeup.

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Natural Clown Makeup Removal


Professional Clown Makeup

Professional clown makeup is designed to be long-wearing and resistant to coming off, but it's also not recommended to continually use harsh chemicals on the face to remove all of the thick makeup. For years, clown makeup has actually been referred to as grease paint, because it's sweatproof, waterproof and extremely long-wearing.

You can remove this type of makeup by using either petroleum jelly or baby oil. Both of these products can be applied to the face with the hands and gently wiped off with tissues. These products will clean and moisturize your face.

Oils Used as Makeup Removers

Two additional types of makeup removers can probably be found in your kitchen: olive oil and coconut oil. Both of these products are good for your skin, but if you generally have oily skin, you should cleanse your skin with witch hazel after all of the makeup is removed. The witch hazel will prevent the oil from clogging the pores and creating breakouts.

Dairy Products Used as Makeup Removers

You can also use whole milk and plain yogurt to remove clown makeup. Both are less invasive than the oil-based removers and work as natural moisturizers for the skin without clogging your pores or causing skin irritation. Whole milk or plain yogurt can actually be used every day as a general facial cleanser.