By John Zaremba

Mod haircuts have the distinction of having been worn by some of the coolest people ever to have roamed the Earth: McCartney, Lennon, Jagger and Richards have all worn them and made them a timeless statement of rock-and-roll rebellion. The mod haircut is still around, both in classic and updated forms, and all it takes is a mop-top and an attitude.

Classic Mod

An example of a classic mod haircut

Mod hair has evolved over the decades, but its roots are undeniable: It's all about the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Sporting one of the styles from the British Invasion days will give you a vintage mod look, but more contemporary styles are at your disposal.

Post-Classic Mod

Rocker Rod Stewart earned the nickname "The Mod" for his stylish post-Beatles haircut.

Early Beatles and Stones cuts were cool but also kind of cutesy. The bands turned up the rebellion factor when they grew their mop-tops longer and swapped their suit jackets for sleek black turtlenecks. Increasing the shag and volume of a classic mop-top cut will have you looking like you belong on the cover of the Beatles' "Rubber Soul," and not on "The Ed Sullivan Show."

Modern Mod

This haircut incorporates Mod bangs with modern short sides.

Mod haircuts have taken a futuristic twist in the early 2000s. Instead of merely being long and mop-shaped, they're now being embellished with swoops, shapes and wild shredded texture--all, of course, in the spirit of rebellion. Wild waves, bright colors, clever cropping and chaotic just-woke-up shaping all have their part in the new mod style.